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  • Low and fixed income residents can save on fire fee

    By Jimmie Earls

    Sun Staff Writer

    While it may not be your typical “fire sale”, the Springfield – Washington County Fire Protection District is offering a 50-percent rebate on the annual fire fee to qualifying district residents. To get half off the annual $45 fee, residents must file paperwork stating that they meet the qualifications for low or fixed income.

  • Local company charged in male-on-male sexual harassment suit

    A Washington County company faces charges of sexual harassment involving a male supervisor allegedly making sexual comments to a male employee.

    Haydon Brothers Contracting, Inc., is charged with violating federal law for allegedly subjecting a male employee to sexual harrassment, according to a report filed by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). A civil suit was filed against Haydon Brothers in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky’s Louisville Division.

  • Reflecting on cow herd changes

    We received this article from Dr. Roy Burris, University of Kentucky Beef Specialist, and thought we should share it with our local beef producers.

    What’s Happening to the Cow Herd?

    If you’ve been in this business for a while, you’ve seen how the nation’s cow herd is always changing.  History can sometimes be a good teacher, so it is probably good to consider where we are now, and to reflect on where we have been.

  • 9-10-year-old all stars fall in district championship

    Despite a strong pitching performance by Michael Chastain, Washington County's 9-10-year-old all-star team fell to Campbellsville 5-2 in the District 5 championship game.

    Chastain pitched into the fifth inning with a 2-0 lead, but had to be removed due to the pitch count rule. After Chastain left, Campbellsville scored five runs in the fifth to go ahead for a 5-2 lead and never looked back. Campbellsville now advances to the state tournament in Richmond next week.

    See complete coverage of the district tournament in next week's Springfield Sun!

  • $600 stolen from senior citizen center

    A burglar entered the Springfield Senior Citizen Center late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning and made off with more than $600 earmarked to help senior citizens who visit the center.

    Sabrina Humphrey, an employee who works at the center through the Kentucky Works Program, arrived Thursday morning to find that someone had entered the center through a side window. Humphrey said in a report to the Springfield Police Department that she arrived around 9 a.m. to find change all over the floor, drawers opened and the money bags emptied.

  • All-stars battle through tourney

    By Jimmie Earls

    Sun Sports Writer

    All three of Washington County’s all-star baseball teams advanced to the District 5 Tournament playoffs in Campbellsville.

    9-10-year-olds beat Marion, 7-4

    The 9-10-year-olds got a big win over Marion County on Saturday, winning 7-4 and ending pool play with a 3-1 record and second seed in the playoff bracket.

  • Veterans offered tuition benefits to attend St. Catharine College

    Many years ago, the yellow ribbon became a symbol for families at home longing for the return of their relatives serving military duty overseas. And while the yellow ribbon still carries that same message, it also now applies to another veteran-related issue.

    Starting with the fall semester of 2009, veterans will be eligible for additional aid for college in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The benefits are for post-9/11 veterans, and are in addition to the aid they would already receive through the GI Bill.

  • No injuries reported in Friday morning fire

    At 11:07 a.m. Friday, the Springfield Fire Department was dispatched to the scene of a small apartment fire at 120 Ballard Street in Springfield. The first of seven firefighters arrived at 11:15 a.m. and found that a fire had started in the kitchen of the basement apartment rented by Javier Marvin. No injuries were reported.

    The fire had started in the kitchen stove, which was already removed from the apartment when firefighters arrived. The fire spread to the kitchen cabinets, walls and ceiling of the apartment owned by Larry Boblitt of Willisburg.

  • Dodgers win title as softball season ends

    By Jimmie Earls

    Sun Sports Writer

    After a brief timeout for all-star play, the 9-11-year-old softball league at Idle Hour park finished up last week with games Tuesday and Wednesday.

    The Dodgers won the league with a 6-2 record, followed by the Reds, who finished 4-4. The Indians finished third with a 2-6 record.

  • Kids young and old enjoy final week of T-ball

    Last week was the final week of T-ball leagues at Idle Hour Park and although the weather was hot at times, the kids still gave it their all as they finished up the season with big smiles on their faces.