4-H celebrates special day

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By Roberta Hunt

Saturday, March 21 was a special day for Washington County 4-H as several hundred people attended the Centennial Celebration for Kentucky 4-H at the River of Life Community Church. After the opening welcome and announcements from 4-H Council President, Glenna Graves, the pledges to the flags and Mary Kutter singing American Tears, all of the games and activities began.  Thanks to the 4-H Young Riders, 4-H Sharpshooters, 4-H Furs & Spurs,  4-H Hooves and Horn, 4-H Teen Club and the 4-H Saddlebred Breeders Club alumni for providing activities, workers, exhibits and silent auction baskets for those attending the celebration.  Thanks also to the Washington County Homemakers and Garden Club for their support and auction baskets.  The Barn Quilt Committee unveiled their design for the 4-H Barn Quilt that will be hung in honor the 4-H Centennial later this summer.  Thanks for their hard work.

The Centennial planning committee put in a tremendous number of hours to make Saturday’s event a success.  Committee members included Reba Hamilton, Glenna Graves, Krista Thompson, Sue Clements and Kathy Fields.

A highlight for many people attending the Centennial Celebration was the history posters and “antique” projects that were submitted.  A special thank you goes to those families that took the time to make the posters and bring in the projects.  The crowd also enjoyed the historical photos shown on the large screens.  Orders for the DVD of Saturday’s photos can be placed through April 27 for $5 per DVD.  Order’s can also be placed for copies of the Saddlebred Breeder’s DVD for $5 through April 27 through the extension office.

It would be hard to choose one highlight of the day, however, for me I would have to say it was the fact that the four 4-H agents that have served Washington County since 1960 were present. They are Tom Curtsinger, Rick Greenwell, Bernie Bourbeau and myself, Roberta Hunt. Prior to 1960, the County Agent for Agriculture or for Home Economics (now Family Consumer Science) were the ones to lead any 4-H project work or 4-H activities in the communities of Washington County.  As 4-H programs expanded in Kentucky counties between 1909 and the 60’s, the need for extension agents to be hired strictly to do youth work increased.

Many people mentioned that they would still like to purchase several items that were in the Country Store on Saturday.  We still have Centennial pottery, Washington Co. 4-H Centennial Stamp Cancellation envelopes and Washington Co. 4-H Centennial shirts.  We did sell out of hoodies, however, anyone wishing to place an order for a hoodie or shirts we don’t have correct sizes for, can do so through the extension office through April 27.  

Although no historic photos will be published today or on weeks we have several current 4-H groups to recognize,  continue to watch for the 4-H photos and we welcome people to still call in and identify the people and activities they represent.


This Thursday, March 26 will be the 4-H Talent Show at River of Life Community Church at 6:30 p.m.  The public is invited to attend.  

There are a few openings for the 4-H Pottery workshop that will be held on two consecutive days, March 30 and 31 at the home of Norma Jean Campbell on Hwy. 150.  Please contact the Extension Office no later than Friday, March 27 to register for the workshop.

The 4-H Cooking workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 3:30-5 p.m. at the extension office.  The deadline to register will be Wednesday, April 1.  A limit of 10 will be accepted for the workshop.  The date of the workshop was incorrectly listed as April 17 in the March 4-H newsletter.

The County-wide 4-H Talk Meet will be on Thursday, April 9 at St. Catharine College’s Hamilton Building beginning at 6:30 p.m.  4-H members winning champion or reserve champion at the school level will advance to this event.