4-H Youth Fair results announced

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By Roberta Hunt

The annual 4-H Youth Fair was held on April 23 and 24 at the extension office.  The overall class champions in each class are now qualified for the Kentucky State Fair in August.  Other projects such as horticulture, food preservation, crops and all natural sciences will qualify in late summer for the Kentucky State Fair.  Summer classes dealing with science, technology and agriculture will be announced soon and will be open to all youth of 4-H age in Washington County.

Results from the 4-H Youth Fair Pet Show are also included today.  The Pet Show sponsored by the 4-H Spurs and Furs Club was a great highlight of the day.  In the Pet Show the winners were:

 Class 2 -  Best Groomed Other

Rabbits – First Place - Jonathan Hudson with Star, Second Place – Amber Eby with Snowball, Third place – Garreth Compton with Bubblelicious

Poultry – First Place – Heidi Parimore  with Heidi, Second Place – Stephen Carney with Columbian Rock, Third Place – Fauna Parimore with Alice

Class 4 – Poultry – Large Fowl – First Place – Stephen Carney with a White Leghorn, Second Place – Heidi Parimore with a Silver Lace Wyandot, Third Place – Lindsey Cermola with a Dark Brahma

Class 5 – Poultry Bantam - First Place – Stephen Carney with a Fleming Rock, Second and Third place  – LinsdeyCermola  with a Cochin rooster and hen

Class 6A – Water Fowl – Bantam – First, Second and Third place went to Stephen Carney with an East Indie Female, White Call Drake and a Grey Call Drake respectively

Class 6B – Water Fowl – Large – First, Second and Third place went to Stephen Carney with a Giant Dewlap Toulousse,  Peking and a Rauen respectively

Class 7 – Turkey and Guinea – First Place  - Stephen Carney – a Royal Palm

Best of Show – Poultry - First Place – Stephen Carney’s Fleming Rock, Second Place – Lindsey Cermola’s Black Cochin and Third Place – Heidi Parimore’s Silver Laced Wyandot

Best of Show – Waterfowl – First, Second, and Third  place – Stephen Carney with his Rouen, Turket and Giant Dewlap Toulousse

Class 8A – Rabbits- Class 4 Jr. – First Place – Garreth Compton, Standard Rex – doe, Second Place – Amber Eby – Mini Satin, Third Place – Lindsey Cermola – Jersey wooley – doe,

Class 8B – Rabbits – Class 4 Sr. – First Place – Lindsey Cermola – Jersey Wooley – doe, Second Place – Amber Eby – Mini Satin – White; Third Place – Jonathan Hudson – Lionhead – doe

Class 9A – Rabbits – Class 6 Jr. – First Place – Jonathan Hudson – Flemish Giant – doe, Second Place – Amber Eby – Satin, Third Place – Lindsey Cermola – Angora – buck

Class 9B – Rabbits – Class 6 Sr. – First place – Amber Eby – Satin, Second and Third Place – Jonathan Hudson – both Flemish Giant – bucks

Best of Show – Rabbits – First Place – Jonathan Hudson – Class 6 Jr., Second Place – Linsdey Cermola – Class 4 Sr. , Third Place – Amber Eby – Class 6 Sr.

Class 11 – Showmanship – First Place – Amber Eby, Second Place – Garreth Compton, Third Place – Stephen Carney

Class 13 – Most Unusual Pet – first Place – Amber Eby – Lizard, Second Place – Lindsey Cermola – Nicky the Rat, Third Place – Rachel Hollon – Lionel the Rat

The Youth fair results

Arts and Crafts

Jr. Weaving – Mary Beth Begley – Champion,  St Dominic

Sr. Weaving – Stephen Mitchell – Champion,  WCHS

Scrapbooking – Stephen Mitchell – Champion,  WCHS

Jr. Color Drawing – Tommy Harmon – Champion,  North Washington

Home Environment

Simple Machine Stitch – Amanda Dewitt – Champion,  North Washington, Jenny Begley – Red, St Dominic


Needle point - Makayla Lanham – Red, North Washington


Single Interest – Amber Eby – Red, WCMS

Still Life – Amber Eby – Champion, WCMS

Building in the Community – Tommy Harmon – Champion, North Washington

Single Color Horticulture – Hannah Harmon – Champion , North Washington


Let’s Learn to Sew – Makayla Lanham – Champion, North Washington; Danielle Wilkerson – Reserve Champion , St Dominic; Amanda DeWitt – Red, North Washington;

Let’s Get to the Bottom – Danielle Stevenson – Champion, St Dominic; Abbigail Gullett – Reserve Champion, North Washington;

Top It Off – Jenny Begley – Champion , St Dominic; Mary Beth Begley – Champion, St Dominic

Stretch Your Knits – Ann Stevenson – Champion, St Dominic

Wearable Art – Mary Kutter – Champion, WCHS

Vintage Clover Sewing – Amanda DeWitt – Champion, North Washington


Chocolate Chip Muffins -  Makayla Lanham – Champion, North Washington

Colossal Cookies – Heidi Parimore – Champion, Home Schooled; Alex Wharton – Reserve Champion, St Dominic, Mark Grider – blue, St Dominic; Rachel Begley – red, St Dominic

Corn Meal Muffins – Jake Merriman – Champion, North Washington

Biscuits – Abbigail Gullett – Champion, North Washington

Banana Nut Bread – Cheyenne Merriman – Champion, North Washington


There is still room for youth that would like to participate in the 4-H Gardening project.  The first meeting will be on Thursday, May 6, 3:30 p.m. at the extension office.  We are excited about starting the gardening program and plans are to include many different areas of garden related activities including food preservation, crafts, horticulture photography and participation in the KY State Fair.  Call the Washington County Extension Office at 336-7741 for more information.

The county-wide Talk Meet will be held on Monday, May 10, 6:30 p.m. at St. Catharine College.  The top speakers qualifying in their school contest will be participating for the chance to advance to the Lincoln Trail District 5 Talk Meet on Saturday, May 15, in Elizabethtown.