4-H'ers win ribbons at Kentucky State Fair

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By Roberta Hunt

Washington County 4-H members had outstanding representation at this year’s Kentucky State Fair. Besides entering 4-H projects and showing various livestock, Washington County also took an active leadership role by providing the hosts for Cloverville one day.

Volunteer teen and adult leaders helped state fair goers locate 4-H projects and be familiar with Cloverville which is the mock town that Kentucky 4-H uses to showcase all of the 4-H projects entered at the state fair.

4-H members also provided the entertainment one morning in Cloverville, with several members singing and one playing the drums.

The 4-H Young Riders were chosen for the fifth year in a row to perform their club act at the state fair and again they were a crowd favorite. Performing songs in their act, ”Back to the 50s,” had the crowd singing along with them. The Kentucky State Fair is truly a highlight for Washington County 4-Her’s and a time for all 4-H youth in Kentucky to showcase their many talents.

For the second year in a row, Mary Beth Spaulding’s leaf collection was chosen as the Grand Champion of the Forestry division. Her second year leaf collection won its class and then was chosen among all of the forestry projects at the state fair as the best overall project. She is a sixth grader at St. Dominic Elementary.

Also winning Grand Champion was Dylan Gribbins in the Electric division. He had created an electric safety game board that won its class and then was chosen the overall winner among all electric projects. Dylan is a seventh grader at North Washington Elementary.

Other class champions included Noah Harmon with his first year leaf collection in the Forestry division and Steven Mitchell with his woven seat stool in the weaving class of the Arts division. Noah is a fifth grader at North Washington and Steven is an eighthth grader also at North Washington Elementary.

Other Cloverville exhibits included:


Pop Can Lamp

Adam Krey, St Dominic, Red

Wood Science

Level I from Kit

Valerie Mitchell, North Washington, Blue


Senior Weaving

Charlotte Campbell, WCHS, Red

Junior Basket Making

Mary Beth Begley, St Dominic, Blue

Junior Leather Craft

Stephen Mitchell, North Washington, Blue

Senior Leather Craft

Brittany Wells, WCHS, Red

Senior Color Drawing

Brittany Wells, WCHS, Red

Senior Black and White

Michael Cook, WCHS, Blue


Photographs of Hobby

Brittany Wells, WCHS, Red

Still Life

Brittany Wells, WCHS, White

Single Animal

Brandon Wells, WCHS, White

Collection of Three

Brittany Wells, WCHS, Blue


Cheyenne Merriman, North Washington, Red

Photo within Community

Cheyenne Merriman, North Washington, Red



Alexandria Mattingly, WCES, Blue

Alfalfa Hay

Farriah Mattingly, WCMS, White


Farriah Mattingly, WCMS, Blue

Tobacco Stalk

Farriah Mattingly, WCMS, Blue and Alexandria Mattingly, WCES, Blue

Best Potted Burley

Farriah Mattingly, WCMS, Blue and Alexandria Mattingly, WCES, Blue


Clare Lutz, WCHS, received all blue ribbons for her entries which included, Tomatoes, Peppers, Largest Tomato by Weight and Largest Cabbage by weight


Unit 1

Jenny Begley, St Dominic, Blue

Unit II

Ann Stevenson, St Dominic, Blue

Formal Wear

Mary Kutter, WCHS, Blue


Intermediate Crochet

Callah Kimball, North Washington, Blue



Lauren Mattingly, St Dominic Blue and Jenny Begley, St Dominic, Red


Noah Harmon, North Washington, Red


Levi Hood, North Washington, Red

Apple Pie

Stephanie Carey, WCHS, White

Freezing Techniques

Jenny Begley, St Dominic, White

Home Environment

Small Cloth Article/Machine Stitching

Jenny Begley, St Dominic, Blue

Small article made of cloth

Ann Stevenson, St Dominic, Blue

Recycled Article

Brittany Wells, WCHS, Blue

Home Accessory – Original Adapted Design

Mary Kutter, WCHS, Red

Cloth Article /Home Improvement

Jonathan Hudson, North Washington, Blue

Next week, the results from the various state fair livestock shows will be listed in the 4-H news. This will include results from the state fair 4-H Rabbit Show, Jr. Poultry Show, 4-H/FFA Beef Heifer Show and the 4-H/FFA Swine Show.