Abbi receives U.S. citizenship

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By Jennifer Corbett

By Jennifer Corbett

Sun Summer Intern

Bonnie Abbi believes her move from Alberta, Canada, to Springfield, Ky., was due to God throwing a dart on the map. It was where she needed to be.

“I now believe in all my heart there are so many blessings he could shower upon me here rather than in British Columbia,” Abbi said.

Abbi, along with her husband, Dr. Atam Abbi, and two children, James and Marisha, live in an 1880s style house. It looks like any vintage house, and the family has lived there since 1994, though they are just now able to raise the American flag with pride.

Bonnie just received her citizenship card notifying her that she is an official United States citizen.

“It’s more than just getting a library card,” she said.

Abbi went onto say that it took her and friend Gail Mastin a little over a year to get all the paperwork together. But once it was done, she felt stunned.

Soon after, Abbi had thoughts of running for a public office, for the school board or maybe city council.

Before getting her citizenship, Abbi was involved in numerous activities around Washington County.

She home schooled her children, 17-year-old James and 15-year-old Marisha. She has given speeches on autism in Albequire, helped council mothers with dieting tips for their autistic children and teach sign language.

“She has done so much … It’s an amazing story,” said Mastin.

Mastin added that when Abbi was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and needed a craniotomy, she still kept going. Mastin noted that Abbi was even in church the Sunday after her craniotomy.

“Bonnie has been such an inspiration to church,” Mastin said.

After a recent trip to Hawaii during spring break, Abbi learned that she had a brain tumor, but that isn’t slowing her down, and she credits her strength to her faith.

“She prays constantly … I’ve never met anyone so blessed by the Lord,” Mastin said.