Artists to explore sustainability

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By Jesse Osbourne

Sister Claire McGowan wants to get the community involved in sustainable living, one group at a time.

McGowan and the New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future are hosting a session on how artists can raise awareness of sustainable living through their work.
Panelists will be Washington County artists such as  painter Bettye Brookfield, poet Maurice Manning, and musician Sue Massek.
“All three of them have a real passion for the role of the arts in sustainable communities,” she said. “So I think it will be a pretty fascinating conversation to get these three started, and they’ll each speak for probably six minutes or so, and then some interchange among them.”
After that, audience members will be encouraged to participate.
McGowan hopes the program is one of many.
“The future ones will involve at points educators, business leaders, religious leaders, agricultural people,” she said. “All of them with the same topic as, ‘What can we, as farmers, contribute to this becoming a more sustainable community? What can we, as educators? What can we as churches?”

The program begins at 7 p.m. at Springfield campus of ECTC on Tuesday, Nov. 1. Admission is free.