Bank info scam targets local citizens

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By Geoff Hamill

A new scam is out there, and it’s targeting Washington Countians.

Keith Reed, vice president of Springfield State Bank, said he has talked to customers who have received telephone calls from someone claiming to be bank representatives, and asking for account numbers and other personal information from the person answering the call.

Reed said the person on the line has not identified themselves as being with a particular financial institution, but simply tells the person on the line that they are “with the bank” or “calling from your bank.”

Reed feels the scam is being conducted by someone who is simply calling numbers from the telephone book because when one customer received a call, another call was made to the same woman’s daughter shortly after.

Despite any requests by callers, Reed said citizens should never give out any information about their bank accounts to anyone claiming to be with your bank.

“We are the bank, so we don’t need your information. We’ve got your information,” Reed said. “If anyone calls you asking for this information, you should hang up and call your bank.”

Reed said he has not spoken with representatives from other banks in town about this problem, but added, “I think this is happening to people with banks all over the country ever so often. It just happens to be in our area right now.”

For more information, or if you have received similar calls, contact your bank immediately.