Baseball dreams, desires, and reality

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By Paul Krey

Our local 11-12-year-old boys all-star team visited the Pleasure Ridge Park High School Sports Complex July 19-23 and competed against very strong teams from Nelson, Boyd, and Monroe counties at the Kentucky State Tournament.

Though their 1-2 record did not make them eligible for the semi-finals, we missed going to the semi-final game by only six runs given in the Nelson county game. Not making the semi-finals was a heart-breaker, but I and many others who watched the all-stars play saw that they as a team did not give up.

We had a few chances to change the score with bases loaded, but you never know how the ball bounces, and unfortunately for our team we didn’t get any breaks that Monday for either game.

I applaud the determination of our team to face teams from larger counties and cities and made a very competitive showing with a 5-2 (W), 2-3 (L) and a 1-11 (L).

This team made Washington County history by being the only team ever to go to state tournament twice as a 9-10 and 11-12. They won district crowns in both 2006 and 2008, and won the first-ever state tournament game in the 11-12 level. They held the pride of our county high for all to see and appreciate in both district and state competition.

This team had both excitement and sadness, but through it all they gave their best. This is an example of true sportsmanship, and a guide for other Washington County boys and girls to match and beat in future competitions and/or tournaments.

I know for a fact that the WC players of the future are playing T-ball and softball today. All we need to do is provide them the guidance, the support, and the spirit to achieve greatness like our 2008 all-stars, Thomas Spaulding, Evan Burkhead, John Riney, Matthew Bartley, Adam Smith, Christopher Mann, Wade Moore, Travis Mattingly, Adam Krey, Justine Shelton, Jordan Bottoms and Thomas Pettus.

One final note, Bowling Green beat St. Matthews 4-0 to take the state crown. They took home the state trophy that stood about 4 feet tall, and each of the players received a ribbon medallion with “2008 Kentucky State Champion” engraved on the back side of each medal.

While I watched the champions enjoy their success, it also helped me think that WC could do the same in the future, given how close we came to bringing home a state title.

It is left up to us, the adults, citizens, and parents to build a stronger and growing baseball and softball system whose future can achieve any goal we set – like winning a state championship!

Paul Krey is a local businessman and father of Adam Krey of the 11-12-year-old all-star team.