Bible-reading marathon starts Sunday, May 1

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By Geoff Hamill


Seven years and counting. That’s the status of the annual Kentucky Bible Read-a-thon, which takes place in Springfield. The event began locally in 2005, and Washington County remains the only county in the state to hold a public Bible reading marathon.
This year’s marathon kicks off on Sunday, May 1, with a community praise and prayer service at 4 p.m. At 5 p.m., the Bible reading will officially begin, and someone will be reading from the Bible continually until noon on Thursday, May 5. At that time, the reading will wrap up and the National Day of Prayer will be observed with the Washington County Ministerial Association overeeing the event.

Everyone is welcome to attend both events, as well as participating. Readers are still needed to make the Bible reading a success. Currently about 100 people have signed up to take part, and about 360 will be needed to fill all of the slots and make the event a success again.
Throughout the event, readers will fill 15-minute time slots and read from The Holy Bible. Any version of the Bible is welcome, and as usual, several copies featuring different versions and even other languages will be on hand for those wishing to read.
Sign-ups for the marathon are taking place at Sell with Hale Realty, as well as the Washington County Property Valuation Administrator’s office. Visit either location to sign up today. You may also sign up by visiting www.leaderstomoses.weebly.com on the Internet.
To sign up by telephone, call (859) 336-8488.