Bible-reading is a success, and a blessing

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By Geoff Hamill

Last week, our community was fortunate enough to host the fourth-annual Bible-reading marathon on the steps of the Washington County Courthouse.

This event, while a blessing to those who get to read the word of God in public over this 90-hour event, is also a blessing to our community. Some folks who never hear God’s word get the opportunity to sit on a quite, cool evening and listen, while others might just drive by and hear a few words in their cars.

Either way, we are all blessed to have people willing to organize the event, others willing to read from the Bible, and even more, the leaders of this community, who allow the event to take place.

Today, so many people are ready to file a lawsuit or stage a protest when someone publicly states a belief they don’t agree with. For us in Washington County, we are blessed to have a community that apparently understands differences better than many communities do. Whether they agree and participate or not, Washington County is fortunate to host this event and be able to do so without protest.

I’ve taken part in the Bible-reading marathon each of the three years I’ve lived in Springfield, and each year, I see at least one person who comes not to read, but simply to be blessed by the words being read to them, whether it’s someone grieving a loss, or just someone looking for comfort during a tough time. Often, these folks will speak out about their concerns and tell you what brought them to the event, and they leave with a smile on their face and the word of God in their heart from the reading.

With that said, we should all feel blessed to  live in the only county in Kentucky to host the Bible-reading marathon, and we should continue to support it each year.

While we have a good turnout for the Bible-reading marathon this year, I’d love to see even more people involved in the future. That support will only help those who don’t take part, or don’t hear the word of God, realize what a blessing the event can be to them, and how they, too, can bless others by spreading that word.