Board continues superintendent interviews

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By Nick Schrager

A process that started with 21 candidates has now been narrowed down to what looks to be a four-person field.

Last week, interim Superintendent of Washington County Schools Sonny Fentress said four interviews were scheduled, with those dates being July 29, 30, and Aug. 3 and 5.

Pat Clements, a member of the board of education, which is responsible for interviewing superintendent candidates, said just because four candidates are being interviewed does not mean the others are necessarily ruled out of the process. The board has the right to interview applications of candidates submitted by the screening committee, but they are not required to hire from the committee’s recommendations. If not satisfied after interviewing those candidates, the board may still go back to the original applicants and make a selection from those.

The original target date to announce a new superintendent was Monday, Aug. 3, but that date was not realized. Clements said scheduling conflicts with board members or candidates themselves are the only reason the target date has been missed so far. No new target date has been set, according to Clements.