Broken drought

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By Ken Begley


The drought was still on when I wrote this piece. Hopefully, it will have rained some by now and our parched earth will be on its way to recovery. Still, you might like this story and get something out of it. I did when I read it some 30 years ago. I’m unsure of the author.

The Great Plains is no stranger to drought.
It happens a lot more frequently out there than here. The results are devastating with those endless fields drying up. Most have no other industry other than farms and the local businesses that support them. The lives of families can be changed forever when there is nothing to reap except unpaid bills.
One small town was deep inside the growing season and a disaster of epic proportions was in the making. Crops were all stunted and dying. Families were living on the edge, as their livelihood seemed to slowly turn to dust before their eyes.
The businesses in town were wondering what would happen to them? If the crops don’t come in, then it was assured that they too would fail. Farming was it for that community.
The tension grew as the drought continued on, week after blistering-hot week.
The local minister decided that prayer was needed. They prayed for relief to God Almighty. As the drought continued, the crowds at church grew.
The situation became more and more serious. The prayer became more emotional as the people cried out to a God that seemed to have gone deaf. Not a drop of rain was to be had for all their efforts.
Time was running out.
The church was having another evening prayer service in their desperate plead for water. Whole families were there, but hope was dying like the crops in the field.
But this night was different.
The prayers went up that evening, the skies opened up and rain poured down in buckets. The ground began soaking up the holy water that came from a watching, listening Creator.
There was a mad rush from the church to feel the rain outside. Everyone wanted the cool water to run down their skin to be sure what they thought was true.
The drought had broken.
It must have been a scene of almost crazed happiness as they danced in the downpour. They had been spared.
But slowly, one, then another, and another person in the crowd stopped their mad celebration of thankfulness while the rain came down. Each in turn stared to one little eight-year-old girl standing by the church.
Slowly the whole congregation and their minister came to a stop in silence. It wasn’t the girl they were staring at, but what she held.
You see, that little girl, that small child, came to church with just two things that everyone else lacked that hot, dry evening.
The first was trust in a loving God. A Creator who answers honorable prayer from His obedient children with what is best for them.
I don’t know about you, but trust in God is my greatest failing. Probably because my obedience to Him is so weak. How disappointed God must be in me. If He loves me, then why would He abandon me? He doesn’t. The question should be, “Why do I abandon Him?”
How about you? Ever feel that way?
Yet, God will see you through no matter how bad life gets and life can get unbelievably bad at times.
Don’t give up.
Those bad times will try your soul. They will shape and mold your faith. Then one day, you will be able to surrender yourself totally to God’s guiding hand, no matter what.
I know how hard it is to have faith in these bad times, but maybe, just maybe, if we had some faith to begin with the times would get better.
That’s what trust is all about.
It’s meant to last an eternity.
I bet you’re wondering what the second thing was that the little girl brought with her when she prayed for rain?  
An umbrella.
So next time you pray to a loving God for anything, don’t forget your “umbrella.”
God will surely smile as he pours his love upon you and yours.
Take care, my friends.