Celebrate 4-H's centennial throughout 2009

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By Roberta Hunt

Kentucky 4-H has impacted the lives of thousands of youths since its inception. As it reaches its 100th anniversary, current and former 4-H’ers will be celebrating the organization’s past, relishing in its present and anxiously anticipating its future. You can help 4-H celebrate this milestone by showing your support for the organization throughout 2009.

The Centennial Kickoff Party is scheduled for Feb. 21 at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington. This event is only one way the centennial theme will be woven into many of the traditional 4-H activities and events during the year. You can show your support by joining 4-H’ers across the state in wearing green the fourth day of every month of this year. In addition to the statewide events, Washington County will also have activities planned for 4-H’s 100th anniversary.

You can help 4-H celebrate by embodying the principles that 4-H teaches. One of these principles is community service. Honor the 4-H Centennial by donating your time in the next year to activities that better your community. Make volunteering fun by choosing an activity that best utilizes your talents and is something you enjoy. This can be anything from volunteering with your local 4-H club to visiting nursing home residents, painting park benches or planting trees.

Join with Washington County 4-H to organize events that would be enjoyable for 4-H’ers of all ages. The Washington County Centennial Planning committee would welcome volunteers to help their efforts in planning local events to celebrate the 4-H anniversary.

Kentucky’s 4-H centennial is also a perfect time to become familiar with the history of 4-H in your county. There are several ways to do this. Members of different 4-H clubs can write the history of their club that can be printed and kept as a permanent record. It’s also the perfect time to locate the oldest 4-H Alumni in the county and speak with former 4-H’ers about the changes that have been made over the years and the organization’s impact on their lives.

A celebration this momentous only comes around every 100 years. For more information on celebrating 4-H in your community, contact the Washington County Cooperative Extension Service.


The Washington Co. 4-H Spurs & Furs Club will have a fun night on Friday, Jan. 16, 6:30 p.m. at the extension office. This will be a fun night with members bringing games, movies and a snack and soft drink to share. New members are welcome. Anyone with questions about the 4-H poultry and rabbit projects may contact the extension office for more information.

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