Central Kentucky Community Theatre to attend governor’s inauguration

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By Brandon Mattingly

The Central Kentucky Community Theatre hasn’t stopped growing since it was opened by Scott and Jan Fattizzi in 2005. Now, members of the theatre have been invited to attend Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s inauguration ceremony on Dec. 13 in Frankfort.

Scott Fattizzi said the invitation is likely the result of positive feedback from theatre guests reaching the governor, as well as a visit from Beshear himself.
“I know that a couple of months ago the governor came here and watched some of our children’s theatre perform, and I know that had a big impact on him and the folks around him.”
There will be events throughout the day for the inauguration, including the Inaugural Parade from 10 a.m. to noon. Fattizzi said more than two dozen children from the theatre will take part in the festivities.
“We were surprised that we were invited. We’re really excited and we’ve got between 24 and 30 kids that will be going up there for it. The kids are excited to walk in the parade and sing some of the songs from their show, and be in costume to represent Washington County and the community theatre.”
As for what this means for the theatre, Fattizzi said it’s one more reason for members to be proud to be a part of what the theatre is doing.
“It validates what we’ve done, but it also is an honor. I think it speaks to the talent of our kids and what they’ve been able to accomplish over the years.”
Fattizzi expects the popularity of the theatre to grow from here, and said the theatre has made enough of a name for itself that this type of invitation may come more often.
“It gives us another thing to look at and say that we’ve established ourselves as performers to the quality and to the expectations that invitations like this are coming our way.”
Kentucky’s 59th inauguration ceremonies kick off for the public at 8:30 a.m. with the Inaugural Worship Service at the Frankfort Convention Center, and concludes with the Governor’s Inaugural Celebration at 9 p.m., also at the Frankfort Convention Center.