Chastain and Schrader pitch no-hitters in Little League action at Idle Hour

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By The Staff

By Jimmie Earls


Sun Sports Writer

The Cubs and Red Sox continued to battle for first place in 11-12-year-old play last week at Idle Hour Park. Both are 5-3 on the season with everything coming down to the wire.

In 9-10-year-old play, the 5-3 Dodgers held on to first, but the Marlins have evened their season at 4-4 and the Braves are still in it at 3-5.


On Monday, the Marlins beat the Dodgers 4-3 with Devin Hurst getting the win while Drew Yates took the loss.

John Floyd and Andrew Scott had a hit each for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers beat the Braves on Wednesday, 5-3.

Floyd and Jake Wheatley each had a pair of hits for the Dodgers, while Justn Mitchell, Landon Taylor and Justice Hood each had a hit for the Braves.

Floyd got the win on the mound and Taylor got the loss.

On Thursday, Kyle Schrader no-hit the Braves as the Marlins won 1-0. Schrader struck out 11 Braves in the shutout while Cameron Willis K’d nine while giving up two hits in the loss.

Devin Hurst had a hit and scored the only Marlin run in the first inning.


In the early game last Tuesday, White Sox pitcher Michael Chastain struck out 12 as he no-hit the Red Sox, 4-0.

Evan Mattingly took the loss on the mound for the Red Sox.

Chastain, Aaron Coulter and Alex Townes each had a pair of hits for the White Sox.

In the nightcap, the Cubs edged the Cardinals, 5-4.

Trae Coulter earned the win while also getting three hits, including a home run.

D.J. Keeling took the loss for the Cards.

Addison Riney had two hits for the Cardinals.

On Wednesday, the Red Sox routed the Cubs 10-3 on a winning performance by pitcher Garrett Floyd. Cubs pitcher D.T. Yocum got the loss.

Thomas Bartley drove the ball over the centerfield fence in the second inning for a home run. Issiac Yates added a pair of hits for the Red Sox.

Zac Graves had two hits for the Cubs in the loss.

On Thursday, theWhite Sox came back to beat the Cardinals, 6-5. Trailing the Cards with two outs in the last inning, Stephen Thompson doubled to drive in two runs for the game-winning hit to put the White Sox on top 6-5. Chastain also had a pair of hits for the White Sox.

White Sox pitcher Jacob Howard got the win in relief of starter Aaron Coulter. Addison Riney took the loss for the Cardinals.

Gavin Taylor and Hamilton Young each had a hit for the Cards in the loss.