City council holds monthly meeting

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By Brandon Mattingly

Springfield City Council met last Tuedsay, and among the primary items discussed was the need for several of the city’s bank accounts to be relocated.

Members of city government were informed recently by bank officials that their accounts at BB&T Bank would require service charge fees to be paid beginning Dec. 1.

City Administrator Laurie Smith noted in her city council report that the bank had been able to waive the fees for governmental agencies in the past, but will no longer be able to continue that practice.

In light of the change in fees, the council elected unanimously to close four accounts with BB&T, which will be reopened at Springfield State Bank. The change will take place some time next month.

The City of Springfield general account, municipal aid road account, PSAP wireless E911 account and the cemetery account will change hands to avoid close to $2,000 in annual fees. A cemetery CD and city credit card will remain with BB&T Bank.

Also on the council’s agenda was a Revolving Loan Fund (small business) application from Robert Osbourne and Mary “Tonya” Settles for $10,000. The loan request, for the purchase of Cecconi’s Restaurant and building with stipulations, was accepted without opposition last week.

The stipulations of building include the loan being honored only if primary financing is approved by a local bank, that adequate collateral is secured for the $10,000 and that the value of the collateral be reviewed annually.

Idle Hour Park
The city reported that is has been in contact with the Washington County Board of Education in reference to using Idle Hour Park for baseball, softball and tennis practice and competitions for the upcoming year.

The city of Springfield asked for a $5,000 commitment at the city’s insurance company’s request.

Smith reported that a formal meeting between city and school board officials was held discuss park use and responsibilities, and that the council is waiting for an attorney review of the liability clause in the agreement before moving forward with further action.

Also on the topic of the park, the city came to an agreement with the Lions Club to take on concession duties for up to the next year.

Other notes

An insurance claim submitted by the city for damage from vandalism at Springfield Cemetery several months ago has been denied.

Smith noted in her report that the decision is one that the city may need to remember moving forward, and that individual private insurance may be necessary to cover the cost of any future damages.

SWEDA (Springfield-Washington County Economic Development Authority), the Springfield Housing Authority, the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission and the E911 Emergency Manager will each be providing the city with additional information of their progress at future meetings.

The city recommended that each of the four entities submit quarterly reports to the council, better providing feedback before taking on future endeavors. It has also been requested to each entity that they appear before the council on an annual, if not bi-annual, basis to deliver their report.

All members of the council were in attendance. The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 11 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.