'Click It or Ticket' is a good program

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By The Staff

Maybe it was the friend whose life was saved because that friend took five seconds to put on a seat belt.

Maybe it was the $25 ticket you were handed when a police officer caught you not wearing a seat belt.

Maybe it’s that seat belts save lives, period.

Whatever the reason, whatever it takes to put a seat belt on, find it in you to do it.

Area police agencies are in the midst of an annual program geared at motorists who aren’t buckled up.

The nationwide Click It or Ticket campaign is under way through Sunday, capping a two-week emphasis.

The campaign’s goal is to get more drivers and passengers to wear seat belts, which can reduce the number of injuries and deaths from traffic collisions.

Those who do not comply with seat belt laws risk being ticketed for the infraction.

About 61 percent of motorists who died in vehicle crashes in Kentucky last year weren’t wearing seat belts, according to a news release from the Kentucky State Police. About 70 percent of teenagers in the nation killed in crashes weren’t wearing seat belts. Almost half of those deaths wouldn’t have occurred if a seat belt had been used, it said.

KSP also said more people don’t wear seat belts at night, when more fatal crashes occur.

Last year, there were 791 highway deaths in Kentucky, according to KSP.

And just think of the impact you, as driver, might have on your passengers. They don’t see you buckling a seat belt so why would they?

Strapping in with a seat belt is the very least we can do to try to stay safe on the roadway. It’s something that we have control over, so make the smart choice.

Buckle up.