Coleman found guilty in retrial

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Sentencing could occur Feb. 1

By Jesse Osbourne


Information from this story comes from The Knoxville News-Sentinel in Tennessee.

A woman with local ties was again found guilty of facilitation of felony murder after her case was retried in Tennessee.
Vanessa Coleman, with connections to Lebanon and Springfield, was convicted of facilitation of felony murder in the death of Channon Christian recently in Knox County Criminal Court.
Coleman was convicted of similar charges in her first case involving the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Coleman didn’t face charges in the Newsom murder.
The couple was carjacked, kidnapped, raped, tortured and slain in 2007.
The case was retried because the judge who presided over the case, Richard Baumgartner, later pled guilty to official misconduct, stemming from a prescription -abuse scandal.
Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, who presided over the retrial, has asked the defense team and the state to consider a Feb. 1 sentencing date.
Coleman was originally sentenced to 53 years in prison. The maximum she could receive now is 43. She could receive as few as 25 years.
In the previous trial, the jury held Coleman responsible for facilitating injuries to Christian, whereas the new jury did not.
Coleman was held responsible for less serious versions of the kidnapping and rape charges.