County approves airport lights

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FAA regulations call for 70-foot lightpoles

By John Overby

There were several points of discussion during last week’s Washington County fiscal court meeting, some of which dealt with building on county property.

The first item of business that dealt with this was a request made by the Lebanon-Springfield Airport board. Due to FAA regulations, they asked the court for permission to set two 70-foot lightpoles on county property to light several oak trees near the airport.

They had originally contacted the owner of the trees about cutting them down, but the resident turned down the request due to sentimental reasons.

It was revealed that the project would be of no expense to the county.

After a small discussion, District 6 Magistrate Greg Simms made a motion that was approved unanimously.

Another matter regarding the usage of county property was discussed when Springfield city councilperson Brooke Coulter requested erecting a 5-by-8 sign on county property near Idle Hour Park, according to Washington County Judge-Executive John Settles.

Idle Hour Park is scheduled to host several softball and baseball tournaments (both district and statewide) this summer, and the signage is meant to increase the visibility of the park to out-of-town visitors.

The court was assured that park personnel would take care of maintenance regarding the sign.

The motion was approved unanimously.

Other Notes:
• WC County Clerk Glenn Black presented the court with a check for $70,000 for “excess fees” in 2013. Black stated that another check is “on the way,” although the amount would be considerably lower.

• A committee was appointed by Settles for setting elected official and employee salaries. The committee consisted of District 4 Magistrate Morris Sweazy, Settles and Simms. Any elected official that would like a change in their salary must request it by May 1, according to Settles. The court can only consider salary changes during an election year.

• A motion to move employee Bob Babalamordi to the position of paramedic was approved unanimously. The approved motion was put into effect immediately.

• Following the April 14 fiscal court meeting, there will be an Emergency Service showcase at the Lebanon-Springfield Airport terminal. There will be EMS/air methods training afterwards for all of the magistrates.

• WC Road Supervisor Dale Mann announced that a recurring problem with a landslide on Gregory Lane is getting worse. However, there has been no word from the state about helping with repair costs yet.

• Due to a scheduling conflict, the magistrates voted to hold Monday, March 10’s fiscal court meeting at 3 p.m. rather than the typical 9 a.m. meeting time. The court will hear no new business since this will be considered a special-called meeting.

All magistrates were in attendance.