County closes part of Scott Lane

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By John Overby

There was a public forum concerning the closure of 92 feet at the end of Scott Lane to begin last Friday’s meeting of Washington County fiscal court.

The two residents that own the property at the end of Scott Lane were in attendance to answer any questions about the closure, but no comments or concerns were brought forth from the audience.

While the beginning of the meeting was set aside for public comment, the decision of whether or not to go through with the closure was saved for later in the agenda.

Washington County Judge-Executive John Settles noted that there are three steps to be taken when a request such as this is made, in accordance with state law: it must be advertised in the newspaper for two weeks (it must appear in the newspaper no less than seven days and no more than 21 days prior to the public hearing), three signs must be posted in prominent, visible public places within one mile of the road (the first two steps are required to be at the requester’s expense) and fiscal court must appoint two viewers to inspect the road along with the county road supervisor.

Settles confirmed that the “letter of the law” had been followed.

A motion for closure made by District 1 Magistrate Terry Tingle and seconded by District 4 Magistrate Morris Sweazy was unanimously passed by the court.

Other notes:
Springfield Postmaster Trae Purdom was scheduled to be in attendance to discuss multiple issues for last Friday’s meeting but was “called out” on work-related duties. According to Settles, he is going to reschedule to attend a meeting in the near future. However, despite his absence, both District 3 Magisttrate Hal B. Goode and District 2 Magistrate Benjamin Settles requested that Judge Settles make inquiries to Purdom about constituents looking for permission to move mailboxes away from the main road.

Settles, as part of two separate proclamations, declared April both Child Abuse Prevention Month and St. Catharine College Patriot Month (in response to the mens’ basketball team’s run to the NAIA Elite Eight) throughout Washington County.

Washington County jailer Steve Hardin presented the fiscal year 2014-2015 jail budget before the court. Hardin, noting that this year (an election year) was the only time he could request a raise for himself and his employees, asked for a 3-percent increase in pay “across the board.”

The budget was approved.

In his report, Road Department Supervisor Dale Mann stated that his department was down to 140 tons of salt and openly hoped that the threat of winter weather was over for the spring season.

Washington County Judge-Executive John Settles publicly apologized for not notifying District 3 Magistrate Hal B. Goode about the last special-called fiscal court meeting. Goode was marked absent.