County residents could find prescription relief

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By Jesse Osbourne


Washington County residents could soon benefit from a prescription drug program that is coming to Mackville.

The Kentucky Prescription Assistance Program (KPAP) is a program that helps patients, especially those without prescription coverage from their insurance, find free or low-cost prescriptions for those who qualify.
Carol Baldwin, the Community Organizer for KPAP, said she retired from a job with the state and began to look for ways to help others get medication.
She said she found a lot of drug companies that had low-cost programs, but most people didn’t know how to navigate the process.
She gathered volunteers and started putting a program together to help people fill out applications for these prescription drug programs.
The program found early success and in 2008, a bill passed to create KPAP.
There wasn’t a lot of funding, she said, but what was available was used to develop software for the program.
Baldwin said that Kentucky has the most comprehensive program in the nation. Since 2009, the program has helped find $200 million in prescriptions for patients. Return on the money invested is 9,000 percent, she said.
Now, that program is coming to Mackville. It will be housed in the Mackville Community Center.
All the prescriptions are name brand and sent directly from the manufacturer.
Each company decides which medications are available.
When a patient enters his or her information into the software program, it can decipher if that person qualifies for free medication.
Baldwin said the people that are most likely to benefit from the program are those without prescription drug coverage or some people with the Medicare part D drug plan.
She said she’s happy to sit down and talk to anyone struggling to get prescription medications.
For more information about KPAP, call 1-800-633-8100 or go to http://chfs.ky.gov/dph/info/dpqi/kpap.htm.