Coupons return to The Springfield Sun

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Few products offer individuals the opportunity to save more than they spend. Starting today, The Springfield Sun will give readers this opportunity with the return of SmartSource coupons.
Inside The Sun each week, readers will find a coupon package regularly valued at more than $75 in savings through manufacturer, retail and restaurant coupons. Subscribers will usually find they can recoup the cost of a Springfield Sun subscription in just one week of coupon savings.
In today’s economy consumers are looking for more ways to reduce their household expenses. With the return of SmartSource coupons, readers will find The Sun more valuable than ever.
The Springfield Sun is the leading source of news and advertising information for the Washington County. Now readers will get the combination of award-winning news, local retail advertising and money-saving coupons in one package.
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) coupon distribution and redemption has continued to grow during the last two years. CPG manufacturers offered consumers $485 billion in savings in 2010, according to the NHC Marketing Services 2010 Coupon Facts Report. This represents a 13.9 percent increase compared to 2009 and 47.4 percent increase compared to five years ago. Nearly two thirds of all coupons distributed in 2010 were for grocery items.
Manufacturers’ coupons offer great value on a variety of products.
“We are excited to once again have SmartSource coupons included in the weekly edition of The Springfield Sun,” said Jeff Moreland, publisher of the newspaper. “This is one of the top requests we have heard from readers, and we think it is a great complement to the all the other valuable content we deliver each and every week.”