Customer not happy with local merchant

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By The Staff

To the Editor,

Ice storm 2009 seemed to cause a lot of inconvenience for a lot of Washington County, along with the surrounding counties.  Economy sales should have gone up. You could hardly find a gas container, batteries, or many other items during the power outage.  Generators became very popular during the storm as well.  We purchased a generator from Parkview Home Center in Springfield on Feb. 2, for the amount of $752.60.  With that purchase we thought some of our burdens from no power would go away.  We would be able to watch a little TV, listen to a radio, plug up a lamp, and have a nice hot cup of coffee without having to drive into town to McDonald’s and wait in a long line to get it.  Well, to our dismay that was short lived. On Feb. 4, my husband had to load up our generator and take it back to Parkview Home Center.  It had quit running with only 16 hours of use.  Six hours later he returned home with a new one. Yes, six hours later. No reimbursement for gas or oil for the new equipment, or time invested putting the first one together, along with having to put the new together.  Even with a one- year warranty on the generator it seems anyone and everyone will try to get out of replacing what needs to be replaced.  I suggest that anyone planning to make a large purchase on a generator during power outages, for farm use, or whatever your need for the equipment really check in to what you are buying, the store you are buying from and the reputation of that store.  Check your fine print on that one-year warranty as well.  Is the person selling the equipment going to be able to replace it hassle free, or are you going to be the next victim of a six-hour wait on getting your equipment exchanged?

Thank You,

Jessica R Long

Mackville, Ky.