Democrats, Comer win the county

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By Jesse Osbourne

The majority of city and county voters picked the winners in the state election last Tuesday.
Nearly 2,900 of the 8,190 registered voters in the county showed up to cast their ballot, a 35 percent turnout.

County Clerk Glen Black said the turnout was nice, but it could always be higher.
The Steve Beshear  and Jerry Abramson tandem won the governor’s race in the county, with the duo claiming 1,607 votes (56.27 percent) in all precincts. David Williams and Richie Farmer were in second with 965 votes (33.79 percent). Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley claimed 284 votes (9.94 percent).
In the secretary of state race, Alison Lundergan Grimes won the county over Bill Johnson. Grimes claimed 67 percent of the vote (1,865 votes) to Johnson’s 33 percent (918 votes).  
Jack Conway won the attorney general race in the county, beating Todd P’Pool 1,645 (59 percent) to 1,143 (41 percent).
Adam Edelen beat John Kemper for auditor of public accounts, 1,726 (64.43 percent) to 953 (35.57 percent).
Todd Hollenbach topped K.C. Crosbie and Kenneth Moellman, Jr. in the state treasurer race.
Hollenbach received 1,456 votes (53.02 percent), while Crosbie garnered 1,181 votes (43.01), and Moellman got 109 (3.97 percent).
James Comer was the only Republican in the county and the state to win an office, beating Robert “Bob” Farmer soundly, 1,969 (70.62 percent) to 819 (29.38 percent).
City Hall was the most heavily trafficked precinct, drawing 390 voters. The courthouse saw 321 voters cast a ballot. The new armory polling place had 295 votes cast. Absentee votes were at 124.