Deputy uses taser after man resists arrest

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By Jesse Osbourne


A Hilltop resident was subdued by a taser on May 8 outside of his apartment after resisting arrest.

According to a police report from Washington County Sheriff’s Department deputy Sue Mudd, Joshua Jarmon, 32, residing at 163 Hilltop Court, resisted arrest after Mudd served a warrant for violating an emergency protective order.

“Jarmon refused to be arrested and attempted to walk away from me, stating, ‘(Expletive), I’m not going to jail,’” Mudd wrote in the incident report.

Mudd called dispatch to have Springfield City Police officer Tony Golden come for back up.

Meanwhile, Mudd said that she went to the apartment door and advised Jarmon to come out and cooperate.

Jarmon walked out of his apartment, past Mudd and started walking down the street, according to the police report.

Mudd said that Jarmon walked about 100 feet away from her, as she continued to order him to stop because he was under arrest.

“He then said, ‘What are you going to do? Shoot me?’” Mudd wrote. “I advised him if he did not stop I would taser him.”

Jarmon continued to tell Mudd he wasn’t going to jail. She then used the taser on Jarmon from about 10 feet away, she wrote.

“He went to the ground after I tasered him, but seemed to be trying to get back up,” Mudd wrote. “I told him to stay down, but he seemed not to cooperate so I tasered him again, which after he stayed down.”

Mudd kept the taser on Jarmon until Golden arrived and handcuffed Jarmon.

Washington County EMS arrived and checked Jarmon out and removed the taser prongs, Mudd wrote.

Mudd wrote that EMS released Jarmon for transport. Mudd then took him to the Springfield City Police department.

EMS reevaluated Jarmon at the police station and said everything looked OK, according to Mudd’s report.

“Joshua stated that he was sorry for the way he acted,” Mudd wrote in the Use of Force report.

He was charged with resisting arrest and transported by the jailer to Marion County Detention Center.

- In the month of April, the Sheriff’s Department worked 12 accidents, filed 21 incident reports, served 16 e-warrants or e-summons and 71 civil summons or subpoenas.

Deputies were called out for 16 car inspections or unlocks, 12 traffic stops, 28 attempts on warrants or civil paper service and received 146 calls for service.

- In the month of April, Springfield City Police responded to 26 non-injury accidents, 16 injury accidents, 11 drunk or reckless driver incidents, one animal abuse or neglect call, two child abuse or neglect calls, 17 animal complaints, two burglaries, 47 traffic stops and 10 family disturbances.