Dominican Sisters announce new name

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By The Staff

By Jimmie Earls

Sun Staff Writer

With their impending union with six other congregations this coming Easter, the Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine of Siena have announced the name of the new congregation. Effective April 12, 2009, the union will collectively be known as the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

“All 700 members of the congregation had an opportunity to submit possible names,” said Sr. Barbara Rapp. “We had a list of about 200 names, and then we narrowed it down. People who submitted possible names also had to give us their rationale. The choice came down to the name that had the most support.”

Along with the new name, the Dominican Sisters of Peace will also have a new logo design, which is currently in the same submission process used to choose a name.

“If I had a design,” said Sr. Joye Gros. “I could draw it up and send it in, then the artists will help narrow it down.”

Although the sisters are getting a new name, Washington County residents can rest assured that the St. Catharine motherhouse and all of the services it provides to the community will remain here in the county.

Following the recent Take Back the Night event at St. Catharine College, Gros had lunch with a sister who commented on how conscious she has become about the need for peace and how it relates to the congregation's new name.

“It’s not that peace wasn’t a big deal before,” added Gros. “But there’s such a correlation when she reads the scripture that she’s looking at different ways we can make this a blessing in our lives.”

After hundreds of submissions and a careful year-long selection process, the Dominican Sisters have agreed that peace is needed, especially in such a troubled world.

Sr. Barbara added, “There's nothing the world needs more right now than peace.”