Drive-by shooting investigated

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By Geoff Hamill

A drive-by shooting on Mt. Zion Road Tuesday evening remains under investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a report by deputy Jackie Robinson, the incident began when an Hispanic male and his girlfriend arrived at the home of Michael Boblitt at 4826 Mt. Zion Road Tuesday. Boblitt told Robinson that the male, Mario Sanchez, had come to his home and started an argument with Boblitt’s friend while there. Boblitt said the argument became heated, and he told Sanchez to leave. Sanchez then reportedly made a threat about killing somebody, according to a statement Boblitt gave to Robinson.

According to Boblitt, Sanchez refused to leave, and said he had “50 rounds” to kill somebody. Boblitt then went inside and came back with a rifle and again told Sanchez to leave, but he still refused, according to the report. That’s when Boblitt fired a shot into the ground, and Sanchez and his girlfriend then left, driving toward Mooresville. He was reportedly driving a red blazer-like vehicle.

Robinson’s report said that about 10 minutes later, a large popping sound was heard by the occupants of Boblitt’s home, and they came outside and found a bullet hole near the front door.

Robinson was dispatched to the Boblitt residence around 6:30 p.m. and stayed on the scene for nearly 90 minutes, according to his report watching for the vehicle to possibly return, but it did not, so Robinson left the scene.

Less than an hour later, Robinson was called back to the Boblitt residence after a second incident was reported. This time, Boblitt said several rounds were fired at the home. This time, Kentucky State Police at Post 15 in Columbia were also made aware of the incident and sent two troopers to assist in the investigation. Nelson County units were also alerted to be on the lookout for the vehicle.

Around 10:30 p.m., a vehicle matching the description of the one Sanchez was driving was spotted traveling east on Polin Road. The vehicle was found a short time later, backed into a driveway on Polin Road. Sanchez was then found to be a passenger, and his friend, Frankie Byrd was driving. They were ordered by police to get out of the vehicle and onto the ground, which they did.

Sanchez was searched and found to have 18 Luger hollow-point rounds in the pocket of his jeans. Inside the vehicle, Robinson found a 9mm Hi-Point semi-automatic handgun with one round in the chamber and a clip with seven rounds of ammunition. There was also a spent cartridge casing found in the floorboard of the vehicle.

Sanchez, 42, was arrested and lodged in the Marion County Jail. He was charged with seven counts of wanton endangerment (one for each person inside the home), criminal mischief third degree and alcohol intoxication in a public place, first and second offenses. Bond for Sanchez is set at $20,000 cash.