Eating your way through the holidays

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By Kay Kennedy

You might not want to wake up on Jan. 2, 2011 with your tummy shaking like a bowl full of jelly.  There are some ways to cut down on high-calorie foods consumed at parties during the holidays.  You can indulge in festive holiday foods, but the amount and type are the concerns.

Each morning make it a practice to drink an 8 oz. (or more) glass of water.  Water will keep your body hydrated, but most importantly it will cut daily food intake by up to 13 percent.
You should never, never skip breakfast.  Yes, it is a great temptation to think you can use those calories later in the day at a party.  The truth is that you will get hungry and eat everything not nailed down.   Eating breakfast will insure that you will eat a lot less later in the day.  Eggs are an excellent source of protein.  Oatmeal with raisins and an egg would be a great start to your day.
At work, watch the great snacks and the fancy coffee with loads of whipped cream.  Try hot tea or a low calorie hot chocolate.  There is a great spiced tea recipe with apple juice and red hot cinnamon candy.
When attending a holiday party, snack at home so you don’t arrive ravenous.  Have high fiber or protein based snack before you go.  Look for vegetable and fruit trays at these functions.  Limit yourself to small amounts of high calorie foods.  By this time, I think you know that candy, cookies and cakes are usually loaded with calories, fat, and sugar.
It is much easier to cut down than to try to burn off extra calories.  We tend to think we burn more calories than we do.  For instance;  10 minutes of loading and unloading the car will use 32 calories, putting away groceries for 5 minutes will consume 13 calories, and 1 hour of food preparation will use 195 calories.
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