Fire department addresses citizens, says fire protection will continue

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Deadline moved back 90 days

The firefighters of the Washington County Fire Department would like to thank the citizens of our fire district and the Washington County Fiscal Court for support during this difficult time. The support shown and the actions taken have allowed us to move forward in resolving the issues between the fire department and the fiscal court. Resolution of issues such as fiscal court’s support of a fire station in Springfield, support of the current $45 fire service fee and the agreement to create an Information Exchange Committee has given the fire department hope that other differences can also be resolved.
Thanks to the Information Exchange Committee consisting of magistrate Terry Tingle and magistrate Greg Simms, firefighter John Goatley and firefighter Mike Mulholland, citizen Shawn Mattingly, our county attorney Hamilton Simms, and moderator John Wharton for their efforts to address many of the items mentioned. The continuance of the committee will allow our two organizations to work together.
The deadline to dissolve the fire department as of Jan. 1, 2011, was never meant to hurt the residents and properties in our district, but became necessary because of apparent irreconcilable issues. Since resolutions of these differences seem possible, the Washington County Fire Department has proposed and agreed to a 90-day extension of the original deadline. During this time open items will need to be resolved.
Additionally, Forrest Carrico has agreed to resume the position of chief of the Washington County Fire Department as long as the issues which led to his resignation are being worked on by the Information Exchange Committee. His leadership and many years of experience were greatly missed since his resignation on Nov. 10.
Once again, we want to thank all of the supporters of the Washington County Fire Department. We have hopes that the 90-day extension of fire service will allow both groups to permanently resolve the issues. Thank you from all the firefighters of the Washington County Fire Department.

Washington County Fire Department