Fire destroys Mayes Creek Home

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County firefighters keep busy over weekend

By Jeff Moreland

A Friday afternoon fire on Mayes Creek destroyed a home, but no injuries were reported.


Justin Reynolds, training officer with the Mackville Fire Department, said the fire was reported just after 1 p.m. Friday.

“When we showed up, it was pretty much on fire in the back porch area,” Reynolds said. “It had already got up into the attic space and the roof was starting to get weak.”

The house belonged to Aaron Hale, according to Reynolds. He said there was no one in the house, and it was still relatively empty because the owners were preparing to move in, although there were some appliances plugged up, which led Reynolds to believe the cause of the fire was electrical. The house was completely destroyed, according to Reynolds. He added that firefighters had all of the equipment they needed, but he said once a fire gets into the attic as this one did, there’s not much that can be done to stop it.

With warmer weather last week, Reynolds said more people were getting outdoors, and fire departments around the county were very busy.

“We had some roll bales catch on fire Thursday, this house on Friday, and then we had five grass fires Saturday, so we’ve been busy,” Reynolds said. “Everybody wanted to get out where it was pretty, but people don’t understand that grass on top is dead, and it’s a dry fuel ready to go.”