GM drops 'Hammer' on local dealership

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New ownership expected to keep Chevrolet dealership running

By Geoff Hamill

When General Motors sent letters to more than 1,100 of its 6,000 dealers last week telling them that they will no longer do business with those dealers in 2010, Hammer Chevrolet in Springfield was among the letter recipients.

Still, according to Mark Clark, general manager of Hammer Chevrolet, that does not mean the end of the local dealership, which is in the approval process of a sale to Eddie Franklin, a Columbia, Ky., based car dealer who already owns Ford, Chevrolet, and Nissan dealerships.

As for the letters from General Motors, Clark said he has been told that the letters were computer generated, and that although one was sent to Hammer’s current ownership, it would not apply to Eddie Franklin once the sale is approved.

Eddie Franklin could not be reached for comment as of press time.


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