A happy 100th McBirthday

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By Brandon Mattingly

Morgan Beavers of Springfield celebrated turning 100 years old this past weekend at one of his most frequented spots in town, McDonald’s restaurant.


Beavers is a regular at the fast food chain, visiting five days a week. If you stop by on a weekday around 1 p.m., you’re sure to find him and a group of close friends taking part in some good conversation.

Beavers was born and raised in Washington County, living in Willisburg, Springfield and several places in between. In fact, he married his late wife, Lola Carey, in Willisburg and purchased the farm that he owned for more than 40 years on Kelly Shop Road near Mackville. Beavers has one son, three grandsons and two great-grandchildren.

As for what has given Beavers such longevity, he says there’s not a lot to it.

“It’s just being an old farmer, I reckon,” he said. “That’s the only thing I know.”

Beavers’ ties to the farming lifestyle go back further than he can even remember, and he kept at it diligently until stepping away 19 years ago.

“I’ve been on the farm ever since I was born. I bought my farm in 1951 and paid $117,000. I sold it in 1995 for $119,000,” he said laughing.

In his retirement, Beavers said he’s been taking it easy and tending to his daily chores.

“Just sitting on my butt,” Beavers said with a big smile. “I mow the yard and mess around the house. That’s about it.”

Beavers celebrated with friends and family, having cupcakes and ice cream, before heading to the Stephen Foster Restaurant in Bardstown for dinner.

He was even recognized by Thompsonville Baptist Church — where he has been a lifelong member — which held a catered dinner in his honor on Sunday afternoon. As for all of the festivities, Beavers was thankful, but said he doesn’t make too big of a deal about his milestone birthday.

“Oh, it’s just another day to me,” he said. “It’s just a good time, I reckon.”