Home health care in central Kentucky changes hands

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By Brandon Mattingly

Community Home Health Care recently acquired the license to provide home health care to seven Kentucky counties from Lincoln Trail Home Health.

The Kentucky-based company, which has been serving communities for 30 years, provides patients with options for at-home treatment during times of illness, injury or recovery from surgical procedures.

Area representative Terri Mattingly said some of the benefits of Community Home Health Care are obvious.

“I’ve never seen anyone who wants to be in a nursing home or hospital when they have the option to be at home,” she said. “I’ve been in health care for 23 years and I’ve found that people want to be at home. They’re more comfortable there and it’s just one of the things that helps them to recover from home with the right support.”

Other benefits of the service are less glaring, like the agency being Medicare and Medicaid certified. Both of those government programs, as well as most private insurance companies, cover home health care. Medicare, in fact, covers 100 percent of the cost.

“There are guidelines,” Mattingly said, however. “It does have to be ordered by a physician, but if someone calls with a concern, then we’ll consult with their physician to determine services. A lot of times we can be the eyes and ears to be able to help the doctor understand what may be happening with a particular patient as well.”

Services that are offered by Community Home Health Care include in-home physic therapy, nursing, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Mattingly said they can even work with hospitals to help a patient develop a plan when they know surgery is on the horizon.

“Really, what we do for them is help the patient figure out how to manage daily life after the surgery,” she said.

The health care service teachers lifestyle management, medication management and how to live with illness, as well as providing guidelines for patients on what they can and cannot eat with certain illnesses. They also provide hospital-to-home coordination for post-surgery patients.

Mattingly said the company has been welcoming all former Lincoln Home Health patients, but are also always looking to add more. She also said that while in-home service can’t duplicate the resources of a hospital, it can help limit the need for those resources.

“We’re not a substitute for the nursing home or the hospital, but we can definitely decrease the number of days someone has to stay there, or avoid going altogether,” she said.

The counties covered by Community Home Health Care include Washington, Marion, Hardin, LaRue, Meade, Breckinridge and Grayson.

For more information, or to discuss individual needs, call 1-800-866-9696, or contact Mattingly at (502) 507-1846 or tmattingly@chshomehealth.com
You can also visit www.chshomehealth.com to find out more.