I spy ice! Do you know what it is?

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Photos of scenes from around Springfield, covered by ice

Many Washington Countians woke up this morning to find everything in sight covered by ice, and we at The Springfield Sun were no different. While the ice and winter weather are no fun, we decided to see if our readers could have some fun looking at a few local scenes, covered in ice. The first photo is a close-up and not-so-obvious view, while the next is a clear look at the subject. Click on the photos and see if you can guess the subject of each photo before looking at the next!


Want to join us in looking at the winter weather? Send us your photos, and we'll add them to a slide show on our Web site. E-mail your photos, raw and unedited as a jpeg, to editor@readthesun.com and we'll put together a show to share with your friends and neighbors! Have fun, and happy shooting!