I'm ready for 2011!

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By Geoff Hamill

It’s a new year, and lots of folks are making resolutions. They will quit doing this, start doing that, and try to cut back on this, that and those things in their lives.
Me? I didn’t make a new year’s resolution this year. I’ve tried in the past, and despite making some that have lasted several months, I usually see them come to an end before the year is over.

The typical resolutions are based on our eating and exercise habits, but I don’t plan to do much with those this year.
I don’t eat well, and that’s no secret. My family often eats in restaurants, and to the owners of those local establishments, you are welcome! That’s just us. We like to eat with friends and talk while we eat. As one friend said, it’s our social time and we enjoy it! So that’s one I won’t try to cut out, or even cut back on. I enjoy it, and I’ll continue to do it. Maybe I can make a more healthy selection from time to time, but I’m not making any promises!
Exercise is another area where many people try to improve themselves. They get excited and decide to run, jog, or at least walk every day. For most, that turns into a few days each week, or maybe once or twice a week, and then it becomes trying to find time to do those things once in a while, if you can find the time. I know, because I’ve been there and done that myself. Over the long haul, it just doesn’t work for most people. We have busy schedules, we have things to do and places to go, and it’s hard to find time to dedicate to exercise every day. I’d like to do it, and I miss the good shape I used to be in when I was much younger and playing sports, but that’s not me anymore. I’m no longer an athlete, and as badly as I hate to admit it, I’m not in my 20’s any longer, and I can’t do the things I once did. I’ll do my best to exercise when I can, but it just can’t be like it was 20 years ago.
I guess I will make one resolution, and that’s to just try to enjoy the life I’ve been given. I’m blessed with a wonderful family, and we live in a great community, calling Springfield and Washington County our home. We’ve just purchased a house here and plan to put our roots even deeper in the community and continue to love life here. We’re surrounded by many good people we consider friends, and spending time with them is at the top of our list of things to do, whether it’s the start of a new year, or the middle or end of an old one.
This year, I’m going to work on daily resolutions, and they include living life to the fullest, focusing on what really matters in life, and trying to enjoy every moment I get to experience. I’m not going to weigh myself down (no pun intended) with the pressures of measuring every calorie or counting every minute on an exercise machine. If you choose to do that, I hope it works out for you, and I wish you luck. If you’re like me, you’re probably going to need that luck.  But instead, I’m just going to look forward to another great year, and pray that everyone finds 2011 to be a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
Now, where are we going to eat dinner tonight?