Lasting visions of Floy Bugg Fenwick

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By John Overby

Locally born author Frederick Fenwick recently had the fourth installment of his Lasting Visions series published, and this time, he has turned his focus to his mother, Floy Bugg Fenwick.

A 1969 graduate of Washington County High School, Fenwick knew that his mother would be an interesting subject to write about because, as he put it, she had “quite a repertoire of things she could do.”

“She worked hard on the farm, did all the farm chores that were common at that time,” Fenwick said. “She was a wonderful cook. She played the piano by ear. It just seemed like she could do it all.”

Fenwick, who now lives in Stafford, Va., had already written about his time in Vietnam, his 30 years of service in the Marines and his brother’s 33 years of experience.

But with his fourth book, Fenwick decided to bring the focus back to where it all started. His mother raised five Marine sons with 72 years of cumulative service (along with four daughters), and he was always impressed with this feat.

However, the thing he was amazed by most was his mother’s ability to stay in contact with her children no matter how far away they were.

“Even when I was serving in the Marine Corps, she never failed to send birthday cards, special occasion cards, letters, cassette tapes, anything,” Fenwick said.

According to Fenwick, the most precious things that he had from her were the letters she had written him when he was only 19 years old in Vietnam, but he had to burn them because if he was ever captured, he didn’t want the enemy learning his home address.

When he returned home, though, Fenwick found that his mother had saved all of the letters that he had written back to her, something that he used in his first book.

“My mother was probably my best friend all the way through my adult life,” Fenwick said. “I love her deeply.”

While Fenwick had considered making this the final installment of his Lasting Visions series, he is now working on a fifth book that would trace back the Fenwick genealogy all the way back to 12th-century England and to his eighth great grandfather, Cuthbert Fenwick, who helped start the fourth English colony in the new world, St. Mary’s, Md.

“I just think it’s fascinating, looking back at how we got to Kentucky,” Fenwick said. “I think it’s a story worth telling.”

Lasting Visions of Floy Bugg Fenwick is now available for purchase on Amazon, Fenwick’s personal web page (http://fenwickfw.home.comcast.net), Merriam Press (http://www.merriam-press.com/lastingvisionsoffloybuggfenwick.aspx) or by messaging him through his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lasting-Visions-Book-Series/160819107299534).