From Left Field

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By The Staff

Did you see that?

Sometimes there are moments in sports when everything comes together and makes our jobs worth every second we spend on the field, beside the court or behind the desk.

This past Friday night, the football Commanders traveled to Lincoln County. While there have been signs of life in the WC offense this year, their 0-3 start had some questioning the team.

When the Patriots led at halftime 17-7, and then scored again to start the second half to go up 24-7, things didn’t look good for our WC boys. But what followed was some of the most exciting football I’ve ever seen in my life.

The Commanders didn’t get down, and they were able to launch a comeback that seemed comical at times. For everything that went wrong for them in the first half, something went right in the second.

Now, while most fans have a good seat in the bleachers or by the fence, I must admit that I probably have one of the best vantage points of all as I get to follow the team along the sideline from end zone to end zone. Not even the players or coaches get to do that!

It was a real pleasure to watch the team rally for a win as Tyree Railey, Qwan Turner and Trae Abell all broke into the end zone for WC offensive touchdowns. And when Ben Simms intercepted a Patriot pass and took it to the house for another TD, that was just icing on the cake.

I came away from the game feeling revitalized and refreshed. Sometimes things can get stale in sports - pitch after pitch, punt after punt and brick after brick. We stand by with our cameras at the ready, waiting for that next big moment to happen. At times, we take it for granted. Sometimes, a game is just a game.

But when you witness something like the game this past Friday night, it almost has a spiritual quality about it. It’s what Oprah would call your “light bulb moment” - a sort of awakening that tells you that you just saw something special. And that’s how I felt driving back from Stanford that night.

It only reaffirmed something that I have known for a long time - I have the best damn job in the world!