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By The Staff

National what?

Hey, Happy New Year! As soon as the big ball in New York City’s Times Square dropped, the 2010 holiday season began. The calendar is loaded with obscure holidays and celebrations. Unlike most sports writers, I get my information from credible sources - namely fast food restaurants. So, how do I know that January has been declared as National Football Month? Was it by a declaration from Congress or even the brainiacs at the NFL head office? No! It’s because Papa John’s Pizza says so!

When I first heard the news, I was excited that maybe the National Football League had gone out and decided to start a new promotion. I’ve long been an advocate for more sports promotion, basically because it provides a way for me to get free stuff or attend games.

Anyone who knows me well knows that pizza is my all-time favorite food, and I can eat it any time of the day, so any excuse to support a national holiday is alright with me.

According to a press release issued by Papa John’s on Dec. 29, they stated, “For decades, January has been an unofficial holiday for football fans across the country. Today, Papa John’s makes it official, by declaring January ‘National Football Month.’”

Yes! It’s official! Now if we can only get onboard with other food companies declaring national sports holidays, like maybe Captain D’s sponsoring National Fishing Day, and they could advertise their “catch of the day” meal deals.

How about Arby’s starting up National Rodeo Day? Just think of the calf-roping competition as a form of tenderizing.

The possibilities are almost unlimited - where there are sports, there’s bound to be food. Just remember where you read about these ideas first if they ever come to fruition.

OK, all of this talk about sports is making me hungry.