From Left Field

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By The Staff

Who can you trust?

It’s getting more and more disheartening as I realize we’re living in a world where it’s getting hard to trust people. For example, the recent media blitz about Alex Rodriguez using steroids.

Despite the evidence, A-Rod went on national television and, when asked point blank by interviewer Katie Couric if he used steroids, he looked right at her and said no. Now, Rodriguez has come out and admitted that he “unknowingly” used steroids for years.

A panel of ex-jocks even went before Congress and testified that they never used performance-enhancing substances, yet it seems more evidence comes out against them every day.

I highly doubt that any athlete worth tens of millions of dollars is going to put something into his body that he has no clue about. But then again, we’re not expecting athletes to make the best judgments, are we?

I really think athletes reach a point where they deny the truth so much that they create a whole other truth in their mind. It doesn’t matter what the real world says, they believe what they want to believe.

Of course the real danger comes when an eight-year-old in Iowa watches this on TV and believes that this is the way it works in the real world. It’s easy to play he said/she said, but when the evidence points one way and the athlete another, then it’s truly a sad day in Mudville.

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Speaking of Mudville, you know it’s time for a seasonal change when you hear the slap of leather and the ping of the bat. But right now I’m also hearing the chattering of my teeth as I’ve been to a couple St. Catherine baseball games in near-freezing temperatures.

I never thought I would see the day when I would wish a baseball game would pick up the pace. I was there to get some photos of the team in action for the paper, and as I have my camera ready, frostbite starts to set in and my face goes numb. Then the pitcher has to step off the mound – four times! C’mon, throw the ball already!

At least they were playing. This time last year in St. Louis, I was covering baseball for Forest Park, a team that was in the same conference as St. Catherine in the NJCAA. I can’t remember how many Highlander games were canceled or postponed last year due to the weather.

The Highlanders started the 2009 season on Feb. 13 and haven’t won a game yet, they’re 0-5 so far. The Patriots, on the other hand, are 5-2 and are undefeated at home as I write this.

There’s a strong possibility that I’ve become a good luck charm for the Bat Pats. I mean, both times I’ve been at the games, the Patriots have swept the double-headers. You know how superstitious ballplayers can be. I’d hate to think I was freezing out on that field for nothing. I’ll take cold wins over warm losses any day.