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By The Staff

April's fool

This past Sunday, if you heard a loud thud and felt a little shake in the earth around 4:30 p.m., then I owe you an explanation. It was only the sound of my men’s college basketball brackets crashing to the ground. It’s only fitting that my picks for the madness in March would make me into April’s fool.

In round three last Thursday, I once again went perfect in the West bracket with wins by UConn, who beat Purdue and Mizzou, who took care of Memphis. I went 1-1 in the Midwest, getting a win by Louisville over Arizona, but my pick of Kansas over Michigan State proved a bad one.

To tell you the truth, I lost complete interest in the East and South brackets since my picks got knocked out early. I could have gotten a few points in the South with a Syracuse win over Oklahoma, but the Sooners shut the door on the Orange and my South bracket came to a dead stop.

In the East, Villanova and Pittsburgh took me by surprise as I had neither team advancing past the second round. Oops!

Round four is where everything went wrong. UConn did a number on Missouri and finally someone found a weakness in my West bracket – the Tigers! The Huskies beat Missouri 82-75, thus shutting me down in the West. I think I’ve learned my lesson about picking sentimental favorites. Sorry Mizzou, but this is business! What I said about sentimental favorites can also be said about local faves as U of L took to the court on Sunday.

With Louisville riding a 13-game win streak, it was about time they ran out of gas. It was almost painful to watch the Spartans have their way with the Cards, especially the inside game with MSU center Goran Suton. Louisville’s season, and my chances of winning the office challenge, came to an end with a 64-52 loss to Michigan State.

Since I’m shut out of the semi-finals and beyond, I won’t even count those games in my stats. Overall, from the field of 65 through the Elite Eight, I went 35-26. At least I won more picks than I lost, and it was my first year of picking brackets. Granted, I never really knew much about 90 percent of the teams I picked. I’m just glad it’s over for me, and I can finally get back to life as normal while I burn my bracket sheet in effigy.

Instead of spending time in front of the television this weekend, glued to tournament coverage, I’ll have some free time to concentrate on the important things in life, like how bad the Reds are going to do this season.

“‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year.”

*big sigh*