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When the going gets tough

By The Staff

When the going gets tough

I’ve heard a lot of conversation during this football season about the Washington County Commanders. A lot of it is positive and supportive, but I’ve also seen and heard a lot of complaining about the coaches and sometimes about the players themselves.

I’ve come to the conclusion that being a high school athletic coach is a thankless job. No matter what, it seems that some parent somewhere is going to complain that little Johnny doesn’t get to play. Some critics are calling for the heads of certain coaches and say it’s time for a change, that it’s not like the good ol’ days of five, 10 or 20 years ago.

Sure, it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and question the calls of those in charge, but until you’ve actually been in the hot seat and had to deal with the pressure under fire, shut up!

I am on the sidelines week after week with these young men and never once do I hear them complain. They are always positive and encourage their teammates even when things are going bad. They cheer for each other and together they are learning the spirit of leadership, commitment and perseverance.

Life is full of disappointments, and it’s how we deal with those disappointments that defines our character. It’s easy to support each other when the team is doing well, but it takes a ton of class and dignity to be there for your fellow teammates when the going is tough. I’ve truly seen this team act like – a team!

As the Commanders close out the regular season, I’d like to say that my first year covering the team was indeed a fun one, and I hope that I wasn’t too hard on them. It may have seemed like it at times, but I believe in tough love, and sometimes kids just need a good swift kick in the rear.

I’d like to wish seniors Joe Joe Simms, Lee Mudd, Stewart Jones, Nathan Hood, Gage Mudd, Ethan Devine, Jordan Bartley, Jonathan Brady and John Segrecy all the best in their post-high school endeavors and whether they play ball in the future or not, they showed courage and strength on the field and made great strides in developing their character.

I salute every player who suited up this season and hit the gridiron sporting the Commander colors. In my book, it’s not how you played the game that matters, it matters that you played.