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By The Staff

Smells like team spirit

They are loud, abrasive and obnoxious – and we love them! I’m talking about a critical element of sports competition – the fans!

While taking in the double-header against rival Marion County last week, a vision stuck in my head that made a lasting impression on me. It was seeing a group of young high school boys with their bare chests painted black as each one sported a letter that spelled out “Commanders.” I saw a similar group of young men during football season rooting against Marion County. It was only at this time did I fully comprehend what this rivalry means.

It stretches a vast expanse of activities, from cheerleaders having a back flip throw-down, to the shirtless mob in the front row heckling any Marion County player who gets near them. I know this wasn’t the first time I’ve witnessed such shenanigans, but it brought a smile to my face every time some WC fans would taunt the crowd across the court.

Let’s just hope we can keep the teasing to a friendly level and not let things get out of hand, to the point to where there is violence. All in all, these are healthy and fun ways to let off steam. I’m sure Chris Essex is thrilled that Washington County basketball fans use the location of Snappy Tomato Pizza as a point of bragging during these rival contests.

Whenever WC and Marion County hook up, there’s more than just the scent of heated competition in the air. It smells more like team spirit.