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By The Staff

Grace under pressure

Some people just don’t ‘get it.’ With the Washington County football team’s 0-3 start, there’s already a round of bellyaching going around about how bad the team is and that there needs to be a change in the coaching staff. While no one likes to start 0-3, it takes a great deal of poise, maturity, sportsmanship and grace to stay calm in that situation and remain positive.

Yet, there are a select amount of individuals who hide behind anonymous nicknames on social message boards who badmouth the Commanders to the point of sheer hatred.

I’m convinced that these few bad apples are simply spoiled bratty kids who grew up (I use that term generously in their case) into spoiled bratty adults. They long for the good ol’ days when Washington County was a powerhouse on the gridiron and was something to be proud of.

What, you’re not proud of our kids now? Shame on you all!

No one hurts more than the Commander players after a bitter loss, so don’t go crying about how bad you have it. Every week, these young men go out and practice until they puke and they put their heart and soul into every down while the naysayers feign any sort of loyalty until things go bad.

Maybe I’m out of line for even saying this, but if you’re the type of person who jumps ship at the first sign of trouble, then maybe the Commanders are better off not having you as a fan, because you’re not a fan if you don’t support the program through thick and thin.

Call me crazy, but I actually believe in a thing called loyalty. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan. The coaching staff instructs the players on what to do and it’s up to the players to execute those plays to the best of their ability. But you have to play the hand that you are dealt, and if some teams have six-and-a-half-footers lined up across the ball, there isn’t much you can do except give it your best shot.

And that’s all we should really expect out of these kids. So to every athlete who is going to suit up for Washington County High School this season and in years and decades to come, just go out there, give it your best shot and damn the doubters! They never got it anyway.