Let's get ready for an electcion!

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By Special to The Sun

I don’t want to alarm you or interrupt your daily Rep. Anthony Weiner twitter updates but while you were watching the jabs taken by the Democrats over Sarah Palin’s recount of Paul Revere’s famous ride and the Republicans rip Obama on any topic under the sun, we had a primary election in Kentucky.
It’s been almost a month now that the election took place but I thought it was probably a good idea to mention it since only around 10 percent of the voters even bothered to head to the polls in May.
I understand the reasons behind the low voter turnout out. There was nothing sexy on the ballot, plus there were no local elections to whet the appetite. Democrats didn’t go to the polls because the race for the top post in the state didn’t feature any competition. Gov. Steve Beshear with running mate Jerry Abramson was the lone Democrat on the ballot. Republicans didn’t go to the poll because David Williams, with running mate Richie Farmer, was a shoe-in for the Republican nominee. Sure Tea Party favorite Phil Moffett gave them some competition but not enough to shake up the voting booths.
So with party candidates for the top position on the ballot basically decided before the primary election day rolled around it was no wonder voters didn’t turn out. Officials in the county and across the state as much as predicted the low voter turnout and residents didn’t disappoint.
But now should be when the fun begins to happen. We should be seeing the television and newspaper ads declaring each candidate the best for the job. With the Republican and the Democratic candidates chosen and even Independent candidate, Gatewood Galbraith, throwing his hat in the ring there should be a flood of political advertisement.
What is it saying about our political climate in Kentucky if our candidates aren’t fighting for the top post in the state? Is it sad that we are hearing more about the presidential election that takes place in 2012 then the governor’s race that happens in less than five months?
It may not be as controversial as the actions by presidential hopefuls or wayward U.S. representatives from other states, but the actions taken by our state government affect us more on a daily basis. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned with the 2012 presidential race or lying politicians but we’ve got more important topics that should take top billing. Right now we need to start thinking about who is going to run the state come January.
We’ve got a governor to elect people and despite how you feel about the candidates on the ballot one of them will be running the state for the next four years. And it will be the voters, at least the ones who show up to the poll in November, who will select the state’s top dog.
You definitely don’t want to be left out of the decision room but before you make your choice in November, you should learn a little about the candidates. While it will be fun to watch them duke it out in advertisements in the next few months, as responsible voters we should learn a little more about them than what can be mentioned in 30-second ads or listed in a 3-by-5 inch spot in the newspaper. Start looking for newspaper articles about the candidates; they will be around soon enough.
It’s time we stopped looking at Twitter photos and started thinking about the future of our state. Wake up people, we have a governor to elect.

Lisa Tolliver is editor of The Kentucky Standard in Bardstown, Ky.