LETTER: Anniversary appreciation

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Dear Friends in the tri-county area (Washington, Nelson and Marion):
On the weekend of May 31-June 1, Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Springfield hosted a celebration of the anniversary of the day (May 25, 1974) when I was ordained to the priesthood.  What “triggered” that celebration was an article and photograph prepared by Brandon Mattingly of The Springfield Sun, which was then picked up in succession by first The Kentucky Standard and then The Lebanon Enterprise. I am grateful to the three news outlets for that service and particularly to Brandon for his work and expertise.

I am grateful too for the many people of the area who have offered kind greetings, cards, gifts, prayers, good wishes and encouragement in these recent days. You have been most generous, and I am touched by your goodness. We have a remarkable history of faith and kindness in this region, and I am proud to serve in this land, which by your humanity and the Grace of God we call holy. May God bless us everyone.
Rev. Benedict J. F. Brown