LETTER: A hat tip to the fire department

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Dear editor,
This letter is to express our gratitude to the Springfield Fire Department for their good work extinguishing a grass fire at our property on July 4. Our family has recently moved to Springfield from southwestern Pennsylvania. We have found the town to be the friendliest place we have lived after trying out several areas throughout the United States. We are blessed in our new home with excellent neighbors and many new friendships. It’s a great place to raise a family.

This fact was brought to the forefront when we realized our small field was on fire and we needed help. We dialed 911 and Springfield’s volunteers showed up quickly and had the situation under control in just a few minutes. Our good neighbors were also on hand and deserve many thanks.

Hopefully, you will never require the services of our volunteer fire department, but rest assured that they are ready to provide a priceless service if you do. They deserve our heartfelt thanks, good will and support.

Greg Maitland
6731 Bloomfield Road