LETTER: Legislators dropped the ball

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Dear editor,
Most Kentuckians overwhelmingly regard themselves as Christian and pro-life. So why did our legislators in committee again this session vote down Senate Bill 3 requiring face-to-face consultation 24 hours in advance of, and House Bill 575 and Senate Bill 8, which would have mandated an ultrasound before an abortion. These three bills would give women better understanding of the procedure and promote “informed consent” before they decide whether to terminate a pregnancy.

Mothers seeking such a medical procedure need all the information that is available, so a reluctant decision will not be made.

Common sense renders that human life is in God’s domain (thou shalt not kill). I believe our lawmakers are not only misreading the desires of their constituents, but their own conscience as well, as this is innate with the sense of justice.

Kentucky voters need to follow up on how their committee delegates voted, so as to assure themselves of no liability when they stand before their creator.

Marvin Boone