LETTER: Reader disagrees about gun control comments

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 To the editor: 

This is in reference to my friend Ken Begley’s column last week (“NRA: Shooting from the hip”). 

He has let the horror of the slaughter in Connecticut cloud his logic.

An AR-15 rifle with a 30-round magazine did not perform that heinous act — a 20-year-old, brain-injured young man did. He could have accomplished the same act with his two hand guns, a 12-guage shot gun or my 1954-model .22 caliber rifle (a round of which is only .003 of an inch smaller than a .223 AR I5 round) which holds 15 rounds.

Before we knee-jerk react to these tradgedies, we need to calmly assess the facts. This perpetrator was encouraged to use firearms by his misguided mother when he should never have been allowed any access to them. Of course, she was only trying to “bond” with her brain-ill son as she was “a gun nut herself.” 

Well, lack of a modicum of common sense cost her life as well as the other 26 poor souls in the school.

As for me, I am licensed to carry. I own a few automatic firearms which are securely kept, and am a member of the NRA. I would allow no child or mentally impaired individual to touch my weapons.

I might also point out that Mexico allows no civilians to own firearms and we know how safe it is there. Ken, before you blame firearms and 20-round mags tune in to channel 192 (ID) on Dish and see how many more horrors are committed without firearms. 

Have you ever tried to shoot a coyote or groundhog or stop an angry bear with just one round?



Washington County