Local businessman spreading the word, one pedal at a time

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Steve Hale preparing for 500-mile bike trek

By Jennifer Corbett

By Jennifer Corbett

Summer Intern

At 56 years old, some people would be preparing for retirement. But not Steve Hale. In fact, he wants to help out more people before he settles down.

Hale, owner of Sell with Hale Realty and Auction, plans to depart on a more-than 500-mile journey July 26 from Boston Court in Louisville, Ky., and ride to Springfield the first day. Then he will depart on July 27 from Springfield and ride to Americus, Ga. His method of transportation: a bicycle, with a “poop out vehicle” attached.

“If I get pooped out, I’ll jump in the trailer,” Hale said.

It will be good exercise, but Hale said he is doing this bike run to raise money for the Fuller Center for Housing. He added that its owner, Millard Fuller, walked from Americus, Ga., to Louisville, so surely he can bike the distance.

According to the Fuller Center for Housing Web site, the center was created in spring of 2005 by Fuller, founder and co-president of Habitat for Humanity. Its mission statement says the center is “faith driven and Christ centered, promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need worldwide.”

Hale added that the center is not in competition with Habitat for Humanity. He said the center’s goal is to “give everyone a decent place to live.”

“My frustration with Habitat is they only build a house every three years,” Hale said. “With this program we can help people all year around.”

Hale knows about helping. He recently helped save a local house built by Habit for Humanity at St. Catharine College. Hale said the house has been there for 10 years and was going to be demolished due to the new bypass construction. Now, rather than being torn down, the house will be moved to another location and used again to make a home for a family in need.

During his trip, Hale said he has no plans to listen to a radio or an iPod.

“I’ll have a little talk with Jesus I reckon,” he said.

Among the things Hale plans to take with him are four extra bicycles and Epson salt for hot baths.

Hale’s goal is to raise at least $25,000 and to join Ryan Iafigliula and his bicycle tour across America when Hale reaches Americus, Ga., Aug. 1.

He plans to travel at least 80 miles a day on Highway 55, then south on 27 and 127. Hale notes that he also plans to take a lot of secondary roads. He also wants to create a Fuller Center for Housing at each stop.

Hale said he is pleased with how courteous people are to cyclists, though some people still like to speed past, even with gas at $4 a gallon.

“Just as some get past you they floor it,” Hale said. “It looks like dollar bills are going out their tailpipe.”

Overall, Hale said he is not that nervous about his 500-plus mile bike ride. He added that he helped a local boy scout who needed to bike 50 miles for a badge, so he figured he would get some practice.

Hale said what he likes most about his job is to work with the participants.

“It’s a thing that is very fulfilling to know you gave someone a decent place to live,” Hale said.

To volunteer, or to sponsor Hale, call (859) 336-8488 or send a tax deductible donation to the Fuller Center for Housing c/o Sell with Hale Realty, 805 Bardstown Rd. Suite #3, Springfield, Ky. 40069.

For more information on the Fuller Center for Housing visit the Web site, www.fuller center.org on the Internet.