Mackville hosts truck and tractor pull

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By The Staff

When most men were little boys, they spent time playing with toy trucks in the dirt. Even when you didn't have a toy truck, a nice big rock was a good substitute. Like all kids at heart, some guys grow up, but they still feel the need to play in the dirt. That was never more evident than this past Saturday at the Mackville Community Center. Mackville Community Development, in cooperation with the Mackville Lions Club, hosted their annual fall truck and tractor pull. All money raised helps to keep the community center funded throughout the year. But it was really a good excuse to check out some nice tractors and see how the competition stacks up on the track while pulling a weighted sled.

In the 3,500-Pound Antique Class, Wes Holderman placed with first with a distance of 193.92 feet. Josh Sutton came in second with 139.51', while Wesley Holderman took third with 138.11.

Bob Holderman took first place in the 4,000-Pound Antique Class with a pull of 204.88 feet, followed by Justin Hatchett in second with 189.15 and Keith Peavler in third with 139.99.

Hatchett took first in the 4,500-Pound Antique Class with a distance of 225.81. Wesley Holderman placed second with a pull of 216.83, while Billy Joe Mattingly took third place with 180.31.

Bret Yoste of Harrodsburg was the only entry in the 4,500 Truck Class. He recorded a pull of 85.10 in his 1988 Ford Ranger.

Peavler placed first in the 5000-Pound Antique Class with a pull of 242.19, while Mattingly placed second with 188.24.

In the 5,500-Pound Antique Class, Alyse Clark of Cox's Creek recorded a distance of 273.22 but was cited for speeding. Mattingly was the only other entry in the class and he pulled a distance of 264.74.

In the 4,500-Pound Open Class, Roy Lee Ross of Willisburg came in first with a distance of 251.63, while Terry Carney of Bardstown took second with a pull of 245.08 and Raywick's Chad Votaw took third with 225.36.

Carney finished first in the 5,500-Pound Open Class with a pull of 224.85. Ross took second with a distance of 217.96, while third went to Butch Votaw with a pull of 205.15.

Brad Schweiss of Fairdale edged out Parnell Cochran in the 8000-Pound Open Class with a pull of 217.72, less than two feet more than Cochran's 215.94.

It was father versus son in the 10,000-Pound Open Class as Jared Russell out-pulled his father Bobby with a distance of 221.96, slightly better than the 217.63 by Bobby. Schweiss placed third with a pull of 210.42.

In the 12,000-Pound Open Class, Joe Hayes of Perryville edged out Michael Thompson. Hayes pulled 260.57 to Thompson's 258.91.

Hayes and Thompson went at it again in the 14,000-Pound Open Class. Hayes took first with a pull of 260.38, while Thompson pulled 231.40.

In the 8500-Pound Diesel Truck Class, Robby Curtsinger pulled 223.62, while James Carpenter of East Texas pulled 199.10.

In the final contest of the night, Eric Warner of Thompsonville placed first in the 6,400-Pound Bone Stock Four-Wheel Drive Class with a distance of 264.64, while Allen Ramsey of Springfield came in second with 257.01 and Larry Lanham of East Texas took third with a pull of 223.45.